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Everything is clear with work, much has already been written about it. We are told from childhood that we need to work hard. As for fate, it probably means that you need to be able to be in the right place at the right time. Yes, it is certainly very important.

But … In my opinion, this formula still lacks some component. It’s about talent. Of course, talent in itself is absolutely not a guarantee of success. Talent alone is not enough for success. In any case, talent is a necessary condition, although not sufficient.

When you watch a film about Zaha Hadid, there is no feeling that fate favored her success. Immensely talented, with ideas ahead of her time, she seemed to be in the right places all the time. She took part in a huge number of contests, many of which she even won. But her architecture was still on paper for a long time. God only knows how she had the patience and faith in herself not to give up ALL THAT. But she did not give up…

Zaha Hadid was the first woman architect to win the Pritzker Architecture Prize and lady-commander of the Order of the British Empire.

Zahoo Hadid was called the “queen of forms” in the architectural world.

Zaha Hadid’s dark eyes have always shown intractability and hard character. If you tried to call her “a female architect”, you would hear indignant: “I am not a female architect, I am an architect!” As an Arab and a Muslim woman, it was doubly difficult for her not even to break into the elite of the architectural world, but to win the trust of those whom it depends on whether, at first glance, her crazy projects come to life.

The documentary Zaha Hadid. Who Dares Wins is a conversation with the incredible Zaha Hadid. The film traces the sources of Zaha Hadid’s creative and intellectual approach to architecture. According to her, the works of the Russian avant-garde, in particular, Kazimir Malevich, had a great influence on her projects.

The film is undoubtedly worth seeing!

She died very early. Built in different parts of the globe, the buildings of Zaha Hadid look like alien creatures. Zaha Hadid was ahead of her time, leaving a lot of projects that we hope will be implemented.

At the request of the brand DAVIS CASA, the documentary film about Zaha Hadid was translated into Russian, voiced and titled.

We could not invite everyone to see this movie. 1200 people registered to watch the movie.

We apologize to all who have been denied. You can download this movie here https://drive.google.com/open?id=1piW_7UHA9p5m8w1VSVY3Xd7cE-VJcX1a and watch it. Enjoy watching!

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