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The bulthaup company began its history in 1949 when its founder Martin Bulthaup bought an old sawmill and turned it into a small furniture factory. Thanks to the excellent quality, the new production quickly conquered the German market, and by the 70s of the last century, bulthaup had become the undisputed leader, industry pioneer and trendsetter in the kitchen world. Otl Aicher, the founder of the famous Ulm School of Design, played a key role in the development of bulthaup as a producer of “convenient kitchens” (the convenience of a person in the kitchen is the main motive of all bulthaup innovations and planning solutions). Together with Gerd Bulthaup (the second generation of the family), they managed to create a unique product beyond standards and fashion, technically perfect, authentic and sensual. Since then, the bulthaup kitchen systems have been the place where people cook, socialize and live. Today bulthaup produces three systems – b3, b2, b1 and a collection of stand-alone kitchen modules – b Soliter. Multi-functional wall, on which cabinets “floating” in the air are hung depending on the requirements, has become a major innovation in the b3 system. This system pushed the concept of “built-in kitchen” forever. Bulthaup has developed the principle of “nothing superfluous – only the best” and the concept of mobility and minimalism in the b1 and b2 systems. Stand-alone items of the b Soliter collection can be used not only in the kitchen – they can perfectly serve as space dividers or, conversely, connect the living room and dining room spaces. Davis Casa has been working with bulthaup for over 16 years. We are constantly inspired by the unsurpassed quality and convenience of this product. Our kitchen designers and craftsmen are factory certified and have a lot of experience. The warranty on the bulthaup kitchens is 5 years, then, if necessary, Davis Casa provides post-warranty service. Davis Casa provides its customers with a qualified service at all stages of the acquisition and exploitation of the bulthaup kitchen. We have not had a single client for 16 years who would regret their purchase.

Products manufactured by the bulthaup brand
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Projects with bulthaup brand
Project Architect
With a Dream of KENZO Wood Olha
87 Gulyk Nikolay
B0 Gulyk Nikolay
G9 Gulyk Nikolay
Peter Skrypnik Svetlana and Dzyubetsky Vladimir
Sandolina Skrypnik Svetlana and Dzyubetsky Vladimir
AP92 Zasutsky Evgeniy
06 Color Apartment Zimenko Yuriy
LOFT Apartment Kotov Sergey
Villa Larus Oleksienko Natalia
Apartment with Garden Oleksienko Natalia
Philosopher’s Apartment Oleksienko Natalia

weeks – average item delivery time

Ordering bulthaup furniture from an authorized dealer – Davis Casa – you get the possibility of warranty and post-warranty service, as well as a certificate from the factory that guarantees the authenticity of the goods.

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