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5 Icons of Design

5 Icons of Design gives the opportunity to order any of the five positions of the furniture available. These are iconic pieces of furniture, which received the ICON OF DESIGN status. These items are in stock at Davis Casa. You do not need to wait for the delivery from the manufacturer. By contacting us and specifying all the details, you can pay for home furnishings and begin to enjoy any of the 5 Icons of Design in your interior.

Thank you for your love of design, have a great choice!


Eames Lounge Chair is a chair and a footstool.


A footstool can be used as a full-fledged seat.


The body consists of 7 layers of veneered plywood.


The upholstery is made of rich leather of various colors.

Eames Lounge Chair
The Eames Lounge Chair by famous architects Ray and Charles Eames is a design legend, one of the most iconic pieces of furniture in the world. The chair first saw the world in 1956, in the heyday of mid-age modernism. The Eames Lounge Chair became the manifesto of the modern understanding of the classics, a model of taste and elegance. The beginning of the general public's acquaintance with this Icon of Design was the presentation organized by Herman Miller on the American television channel NBS. The license for the production of this chair in Europe was acquired by Vitra, with which the Davis Сasa brand cooperates. Since 1956, the production of this chair did not stop for a single day. There are a huge number of fakes of this iconic design object in the world. But we know that it is possible to copy the appearance of an object, but the quality of the product and comfort - never. And do we need a "fake status"? The Davis Casa brand offers only authentic design. The collection model of this chair was sold at auction for $70,000. Today, the Eames Lounge Chair is on display at MoMa in New York.
B&B Italia
The Moon System sofa, designed by Zaha Hadid for the B&B Italia manufacturer, is a combination of aesthetics and ergonomics. Zaha Hadid laid the concept of complex curvilinear forms into the basis of the sofa design, in which the designer has an unsurpassed experience. Despite its unusual shape, the sofa has become a classic of modern design. It radically changed the attitude to the planning of living rooms, where the sofa looks great in the center of the space. The streamlined shape of the sofa goes beyond the standard concepts. But, if you think outside the box, the Davis Casa brand will be pleased to offer you the Moon System. The footstool is perfectly integrated into the sofa, which moves under the seat and complements the design. Is the Moon System sofa convenient to lie on it in front of the TV? Can it be used as a big family sofa? Of course not! There are a million other sofas for this purpose. The Moon System is the Icon of Design, this sofa is a sculpture that will make your home iconic.

A variety of materials and sculptural forms are used as a reflection of the joyful life of the 1950s.


The design of Ball clock is a fresh alternative to boring conservative clocks.


The magnificent and elegant clock of George Nelson are timeless.


Recognizable. This is an iconic design object.

George Nelson is one of the most famous American designers of the mid-XX century and one of the most talented architectural journalists.
Over 50 years of his creative activity, he managed to try himself in many design industries.
Nelson gained immense popularity as a furniture, industrial designer, interior and exhibition designer. As it turned out, he was also an amazing author - a reporter, editor and essayist.
George Nelson was the chief designer of Herman Miller in 1945-1979. During this period, the best American designers collaborated with Herman Miller: Ray and Charles Eames, Isamu Noguchi, Harry Bertoia. Some of them had no experience in designing furniture and became designers thanks to Nelson.
Ball clock was invented by Nelson completely by accident. Thus, George Nelson and his friends fooled around and drew scribbles, making fun of the fact that one could invent a clock in this way. And the next morning, one sketch was noticed among the many sketches, which formed the basis of the Ball clock, perhaps the most popular ones of the entire series of designer creations by George Nelson.
Ball clock is the best-selling model of clocks that Vitra offers from the George Nelson collection.
B&B Italia
Butterflies in flight. This image formed the basis of the Grande Papilio chair design. The butterfly is "Papilio" in Latin. Grande Papilio was developed on the basis of an inverted frustum. The spaciousness of its large upper back and the curved shape of its cozy seat are a clear sign of the desire to offer maximum comfort to anyone who wants to sit in this chair. This is really an iconic product, although its aesthetics were not highly commercial in design. Fukasawa, who puts people's comfort before the interest in form, said: “I wanted the chair to look naturally comfortable so that the shape of the chair would invite to the relax.” The wings, which extend to the sides of the chair, emphasize the feeling of comfort, they support the head, create a feeling of security and calm.
B&B Italia
The UP 5 (or Donna) chair was designed by Gaetano Pesce in 1969 and became the centerpiece of the entire UP collection for B&B Italia.
In the design of this chair, Gaetano Pesce expressed his view of a woman who, in his opinion, is a prisoner of herself. The presentation of the UP collection has become one of the legendary ones of the 60s art design.
In 2000, the B&B Italia company bought the copyright for the UP series from Gaetano Pesce and resumed the production of the Donna chair, already an Icon of Design, in several colors (black, red, yellow, purple, gray). The Davis Casa brand always has at least one Donna chair on display in its stores. Our customers love it!

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