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A small Italian kitchen workshop, which began its existence in the mid-50s and was actively involved in the Italian market already in 1970, and entered the Poliform Group in 1996. This radically determined the further vector of the kitchen brand development. Since the 1970s, Poliform has been supervised by three owners: Giovanni Anzani, Alberto Spinelli and Aldo Spinelli, who closely monitor the prosperity of the Poliform Kitchen unit. “We believe that all our furniture, including kitchens, can express the individuality of the people they serve,” Giovanni Anzani says. Kitchens, very diverse stylistically interpreted, go under the brand Poliform Kitchen. Most of the models are designed by the CR&S Varenna design team. But, of course, there are models born in collaboration with famous designers such as Carlo Colombo. The company pays great attention to the choice of materials, the quality of raw materials determines the aesthetic value of models, it is a matter of paramount importance. The variety of materials and finishes is impressive: more than 80 finishes are offered for some models. It is also important that Poliform Kitchen offers a wide choice of home appliances, including the best world brands. Responsibility towards the environment is one of the fundamental principles of the Poliform entrepreneurial concept. Not only all production processes but also the company’s social policy confirms these intentions. The company conducts a dialogue with many organizations and participates in socially significant projects. They do a lot to create a safe environment for children and promote low energy consumption. Davis Casa has been working with Poliform Kitchen since 1996. Our customers are always happy to talk about their experience in using these kitchens. All Davis Casa managers have been trained in Poliform, they are well aware of the design possibilities.

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Ordering Poliform Kitchen furniture from an authorized dealer – Davis Casa – you get the possibility of warranty and post-warranty service, as well as a certificate from the factory that guarantees the authenticity of the goods.

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